The Vanguardian is an education enhancement and college preparatory  program designed to meet the specific needs of students (grades 7-12) who are 1st generation US college applicants. 

Unlike other recent ventures,   The Vanguardian isn’t just a band-aid to mitigate social isolation, extracurricular cutbacks, or distance learning.

In the long run, engineered to elevate the 1st generation high school experience for 2020 and beyond.

Map the route from your dream to your destiny


In this long pandemic, having a “pandemic” to get ahead is as critical as remaining open-minded and ready to embrace a BETTER status quo. Our curriculum incorporates

!!strategic college admissions planning

!own high-caliber “academic sports” (publications, debate, math etc.) coached by recent champions and former editors

***a full slate of small-class prerequisites and AP classes on our menu, our students even have the option to accelerate their academics from the safety of home.

The Vanguardian is the brainchild of education innovator Nan Ni, who launched her first venture for 1st generation students two years ago.

After achieving statistically improbable results with her first-generation students, Nan built a small 4-year program that demystified the “next big step” for high school students, serving as a mentor, a writing guide, and most of all, a friend to her teens.

They all know that an elite college isn’t the goal, but a natural end to a well-crafted high school career.

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